Find out the level of political and social stability of all countries

Model developed based on public data and statistical analysis.
We offer four contracting alternatives: 3 types of monthly subscriptions, or a one-time purchase with the latest updated version
We are continuously monitoring official databases of countries and using them to update the ratings and their projections.
Each month we provide an updated report with the ratings of all countries and world regions.


204 countries and 16 regions rating 2010-2022
$ 500 Monthly
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16 regions detailed analysis
$ 850 Monthly
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  • Regions


204 countries detailed analysis
$ 1500 Monthly
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204 countries and 16 regions ratings 2010-2022
$ 500
  • Rating

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Political and social instability is related to the propensity of a government collapse, which can trigger unpredictable government’s actions and affect economical investments. 

Our stability ratings provide an essential tool for investors to form an opinion about the probability of each country to enter into a political and social crisis and to make comparisons among countries, using a common and transparent global language. Stability ratings are just one of the many inputs that global investors and other market participants need to consider throughout their decision-making processes.

Why are stability ratings useful?

Stability ratings help to promote an efficient capital market, providing transparent information for each third country in a consistent and standarized manner.

How We Track Our Ratings

We continually work to refine our qualifications to maintain the highest level of excellence. 

Our projections are continuously updated as new official reports are published. Our goal is to provide accurate and up-to-date information.

We also developed a predictive model specially designed for each of the indicators, which enables to project future scenarios for each country with great accuracy. The proposed models were corroborated by comparing our estimations with official data issued later, therefore ensuring reliability and certainty to our clients.